UCC's 34th General Synod was a success for digital justice!

We are excited to announce that the United Church of Christ 34th General Synod voted in support of the Closing the Digital Divide: Calling on the United Church of Christ to Seek Digital Justice and Inclusion

The United Church of Christ Recommits to Digital Justice and Inclusion 

The UCC Media Justice resolution received a near-unanimous vote and establishes digital inclusion as a justice issue in the United Church of Christ. The resolution urges all parts of the UCC to advocate and support—not just internet access—but meaningful digital access:

It is incumbent upon us, as people of faith, to advocate for equitable access to the internet for all who experience stumbling blocks in their access to safe, reliable, quality internet services and to ensure, once they have access to the internet, that they are treated fairly online and have access to the skills and knowledge needed to make full use of those tools.

Passage of a resolution before the full governance body of the United Church of Christ brings greater attention to the issue throughout the church and will provide a foundation for more work in local churches and regional conferences and associations.

Once the resolution passed, Cheryl A. Leanza said, "UCC Media Justice Ministry stands by to work with UCC members, churches, regional conferences and others to turn this resolution into reality."


THANKS to everyone who came to Synod, voted on a resolution, came to a session, watched online or just cheered from afar. We'll be following up on many great activities to implement this resolution. 

Toolkits, action items and more information to help all parts of the church implementing the resolution are available on our Resources for Synod page. The resources will continue to be updated in the days and weeks ahead.

Check out our photos from General Synod in Indianapolis:
UCC Media Justice postcards and buttons; the resolution's lead sponsor and UCC staff at an education session; the committee votes for the digital justice resolution; and the General Synod adopts the resolution in a 623 to 12 vote. 

United Church of Christ Media Justice Ministry (UCCMJM)
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202-904-2168 | info@uccmediajustice.org

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